How People are Keeping Up with Virtual Learning

How People Are Keeping Up with Virtual Learning

An Article by Tiya Gemeda and Rishika Kondrolla



As the number of cases start to rise, students are staying home and sitting at their desks, in front of their computer screens, listening to their teachers as they write in their notebooks. Some people hate it. Some people like it.

Either way, for now at least, we must sit at home and learn from a computer. It’s been a little tricky lately because a lot of people have technical difficulties from here and there and sometimes it gets way worse that there’s no way anybody can fix it. So, let’s get comfy as you listen to how virtual learning is staying strong with other people.

            The virus has impacted many and some people don’t like it. Everything has gone virtual and it's been almost a year. Schools are starting to open and close back up again.