Golly Gee, What’s Up With GT?   

Gifted and Talented Education at Chadwick

Chadwick has recently received an abundance of accolades from the Maryland State Department of Education.  In addition to the prestigious Blue Ribbon award, we have also been named an Excellence in Gifted and Talented Education (EGATE) school.  Beginning last summer, we began completing a comprehensive application providing documentation of twenty-one different criteria set forth by MSDE for GT programs. The application was submitted in December, and in January, we were notified that we would be honored at an upcoming reception as an EGATE school. Chadwick is pleased to serve as a model of excellence for gifted and talented education, and is proud to be the only elementary school in Baltimore County Public Schools to receive this award.   We are thankful to our parents for supporting Chadwick’s GT program, and to our administration, faculty, and students for their hard work.  Finally, we would like to express our appreciation to Mr. Michael, a Chadwick parent, and to Ms. Dawnita Brown, our business partner at CMS, for sponsoring our application.